Not much of a writer, but let’s see how this goes…

4 Jun

I’m a talker. Never have been much of a writer. My ideas are best expressed through my words.

However, oftentimes, ideas and thoughts can be lost within seconds of being spoken. The best of thinkers write their thoughts down. Scribble a few notes on paper, on a napkin, on the back of a hand or two. Keep from them being lost forever.

So, I’ve decided maybe I should start putting pen to paper. Or rather, words to a page, (I’d almost certainly lose the pen and paper by the end of the day). I usually have a lot to say, so I’d like to express them to the world. Whether the world wants to hear it or not. I’d like to think it does, but then, there’s a lot like me who want to change the world with their ideas. But let’s start small. Babysteps.

I mainly talk Politics and Religion. Maybe a few other ideas that may cross my mind, but the capacity of my mind usually fills up quite fast. My thoughts are my own, unless referenced otherwise. My ideas are my own. You’re welcome to disagree ofcourse, as long as you respect my opinions like I will respect yours. Mutual respect and the world’s a happy place, right? So let’s see how this goes..


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