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The Typewriter

3 May

Today, on 3rd May 2013, in celebration of the World Freedom Press Day, we present to you ‘The Typewriter’ – an online publication aiming to provide news editorial and opinion pieces from the local perspective. In this age of globalisation and sophisticated information technology, there still exists a disconnect between what is being reported by international media outlets and what is actually happening on the ground. We believe that the Typewriter is a way to rectify the situation. Further, by providing the world with our own thoughts and having the world to read our opinion pieces, we believe that this can be a part of a bigger movement to encourage global awareness and global citizenship.

The Typewriter will also act as a platform to provide the voice of common sense politics. For far too long, nearly everything in the world has been subjected to unnecessary political labeling. An idea proposed to the public is no longer just an idea anymore – it has to be pin pointed and fixated along the political spectrum. From now on, an idea will always be either liberal or conservative, either left wing or right wing, either progressive or old-school. Such ‘ideological anchoring’ gradually took over the centre-stage of policy-making and replaced the notions meritocracy, rational thought and common sense. Politicians from different parties find it increasingly difficult to cross to aisle and reach a reasonable compromise, for that might affect their job security. Being a moderate politician nowadays makes one look soft, undecided and disloyal to one’s political party. Media outlets are becoming more afraid than ever in losing their base audience when they try to be less partisan when reporting the news.

Many of us seemed to forget that the spirit of democracy celebrates the multiplicity of ideas and the existence of a forum for these ideas to be critiqued, looked over and transform into the best available solution for the situation concerned. This can only be done through constructive discussion, sincere dialogue and the willingness to listen to each other. We hope that the political commentary pieces in the Typewriter will remind readers, politicians and the general public of this from time to time.

Be not mistaken, this is not strictly online journalism. We are here to express our opinion about the world, not to report what is going on in the world. Considering how politically anchored media outlets are in this age of time and yet how desperate they are in trying to portray themselves as being unbiased, whilst masking their political agenda by handpicking which news to report and deciding on how it is reported, we prefer to just speak out in the most honest and direct way possible.

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading our articles. We also hope that this will allow readers from all across the globe to know just a little more about each other’s country, cultures, worries and problems. Perhaps some day we can all start to care for each other a little bit more, regardless of our apparent differences.

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